Do You Need A New Perspective?

When things have been feeling a little heavy for awhile, we can step out and look for a new way of thinking about it.  Really for any challenge we may feel we have – stepping away often gives us a better perspective of it.  When we feel stuck and unable to come up with a loving solution, letting it be for a little while can be very helpful.

We may resist letting go, even for a little while, if we feel we can control the challenge.  But honestly, if it is feeling challenging – it is something we have not been able to control.  It is okay to let go of it – just for a while.

When we choose to let it be, we can come up with miraculous solutions.  A new perspective on a challenge can be the most helpful thing we do for ourselves.  We can give it a rest and come back with a renewed sense of courage and adventure.  A new perspective can be just the miracle we need.  It can change everything for us.

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