When Something Unexpected Happens

You can paralyze your life by constantly trying to figure everything out.  Just accept what is.  Don’t get stuck.  Step out of the cycle.

When something challenging shows up in our lives we can be shocked, stunned – not know what to think about it.  Some things that happen are hard to believe.  We lose a job we felt secure in suddenly – our strongest loved one becomes ill.  Someone we love passes.

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when things happen that we could never anticipate.

Accepting these situations can be tough.  But until we do we will be trying to make sense of it and trying to figure it out.  It happened.  We did not want it to happen, but it did.  That is simple acceptance.

Accepting that something happened doesn’t mean that we think it was right – it just means that we acknowledge that it happened.  And that can be the quickest way out of it.

But acceptance is only a step in the process.  It is a simple recognition of the situation.  Once we see the challenge for what it is, we can start to change it – or, at the very least, to change our thinking about it.  Acceptance can be the first step in making the change that brings us out of the challenge.

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