Clear Your Head

We can clear our heads when they get a little full. When life gets busy and hectic – or stress starts to overwhelm us….we can choose to stop and clear our thoughts.  When we do this, we can create a space for positive, happy thoughts and thoughts that help us along our journey.

When your head gets a little too full, here are some quick ways to clear your head, reset your energy and make room for whatever you choose to think about:

Meditation and prayer:  Take some moments to quiet your thoughts.  Surrender your worries and concerns to Creator/God/the Universe/the Divine/whatever Holy name you use.

Get a new vantage point:  It helps when we change our view.  Literally.  Move around and find a new view – even if it is just out a different window than you usually look.

Take a walk:  Physical exercise helps clear our heads.  If it’s too cold out, head toward your local mall.  People watching is a great way to let go of our own thoughts too.

Choose to let it go:  Write down your stresses on a piece of paper.  Then burn it or tear it up into a million pieces and throw it away.  Consciously choose to let it go, even if just for awhile.

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