Love Where You Are

When we are not comfortable where we are, we usually try to flail against it.  We do not accept it, we fight it, we worry about it, we do not know how to get out of it.  We stay right there.  In jobs that are less than wonderful – in relationships that harm us – in physical locations that we don’t love.

Instead, we can try to embrace the place where we find ourselves.  I know this is not always so easy.  Sometimes it feels counter-productive even – when we are in a place that is challenging us especially.  But to get beyond anything, the fastest way is through it.  When we embrace our situation for what it is, when we sit with the emotions we have about the place – we can look at it realistically and find solutions.

When we find the blessings in the place where we find ourselves – and somehow manage to be grateful for them – for the lessons we are learning here if nothing else – then we can effectively move beyond.  When we have compassion for ourselves and forgive ourselves (and others) for the situations in which we find ourselves, we can be clearer.  We can find our way through.

As challenging as it may sound, embrace the place for what it is.  Be grateful for what it is giving you.  And bless it with love.

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