You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

We cannot be everything to everyone.  As much as we would like to sometimes.

And no one person can be everything for us either.  It is just not possible.  As much as they would like to sometimes.

When we try to be everything for everyone – we usually end up over extending ourselves and worn out.  Many times we feel resentful when we don’t want to do things, but still do them to be helpful to others.  We get overwhelmed trying to do it all – trying to be everything.  It isn’t a positive experience for anyone.

When others demand our attention and time and we just do not have it to give, we can choose to let ourselves off the hook.  Even if the others do not.  It really is okay to say no.  It is okay to take a step back.  It is okay to take care of ourselves.  It is okay to do what is best for us.

When we take care of ourselves, we have more to give to others.

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