The Power Of Daydreaming

Daydreaming is often dismissed as unproductive behavior.  How often were we told as children to stop daydreaming?  How often do we tell children to stop and get back to chores or homework?

We are more detached from the “real world” of busy-ness and work when we are daydreaming.  That alone is good for us.  It’s good to take a brain break whenever we can.  Overthinking can actually be harmful for us in terms of stress and worry.  We need to give ourselves a break – and that includes giving our minds a break.

Daydreaming can actually be very productive.  When we are daydreaming, our minds are open and ready to receive.  We aren’t really thinking about anything in particular usually, so we are not trying to direct our thoughts.  Being in this receptive state, we can easily navigate through our thoughts – just like we are watching a movie.  We can observe instead of react for a little while.

Take some time to daydream today.  Give your thoughts a rest and let your mind wander.  Just watch where it goes without judging.  You may learn a lot about yourself.  You may feel better after giving your brain a break.

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