You Can Reset Your Emotions

What is your default emotion?  What emotion do you feel most of the time?  Stop and think about it for a minute.  What is your go-to feeling?  When nothing is happening around you, how do you feel?

Many people go through life with stress as their default emotion.  Even when they are at rest, they feel stress.  Even when nothing stressful is happening in the moment, they feel stress.

When we wake up and become aware and alert – when we are living in our moments – we can move away from automatically feeling stress (or any heavy, dense emotion).  We can reset our default emotion.  We can make happiness our default emotion.  We can reset to inner peace.

When we are aware of what we are feeling, we have the ability to change it.  We can choose to wake up and live in our moments consciously.  We can choose to find all of the blessings around us.  We can choose to focus on all of the things we are grateful for.  This is a great way to reset our default emotion whenever we want.

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