Embrace Your Changes

You are where you are, doing what you are doing, being who you are for a reason.  Sometimes it does not feel like it – sometimes it feels like you are way off your path.  But when you look back at where you have come from, you can see reasons why things happened the way they did.

You are the one making the choices.  You are the one who can change things.  I have found that the most helpful thing to do when I want to change something is to embrace it for what it is first.  When we struggle, we are in resistance mode – we do not move anywhere.  Our own friction keeps us stuck.

When we embrace something for what it is, we can let it flow on by.  And whether we are struggling or flowing, we can be at peace with who we are and where we are on our path.  It is okay.  There is a reason for this.  We can choose to be comfortable in our own decisions.

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