What Would You Like To Hear?

Sometimes the people we love do not tell us the things we long to hear.  Or maybe they tell us things we really do not want to hear.  Maybe they say things in ways that feel hurtful to us.

We do not have to accept these things as truth about ourselves.  It may be their opinion (or judgment), but it is not the truth.  When we are affected by other’s opinions about us, it means we value their thoughts more than our own.

We can tell ourselves what we want to hear.  We can tell ourselves the truth.  When we do not hear much encouragement in our lives, we can give ourselves some encouragement.  We can have a pep talk with ourselves.

This may feel a little silly in the beginning, but when we continue to practice telling ourselves loving things – it can start to feel more natural.  One of my favorite ways to encourage myself is through mantras.  “I can do it, yes I can!”  We can make up mantras for any situation – any challenge that we feel we have.

When others are not saying what we wish they would say, we can say it to ourselves.

I love to hear from you!

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