Feeling Overwhelmed Today?

Are you rushing through another day?  Trying to get everything done and feeling bad about what isn’t getting done?  Does life sometimes overwhelm you?

Stop.  Take a deep breath.  In fact, take three (they are free and they only take a few moments of your time).

It’s perfectly okay to feel overwhelmed.  Sit with the feeling.   It’s okay.  It really is.  Our feelings are always speaking to us, always telling us things.  Listen.

When we experience uncomfortable feelings, we are alerted that something could be done differently.  We are always free to make changes – if nothing else, in the way we think about things.  Is there anything you can do to help yourself NOT feel so overwhelmed?  Is there anything you could do to bring more calm into your life?  Anything.  It doesn’t have to be some huge life change.  You could simply start meditating for 15 minutes, take a walk around the block – or just stop and breathe and be.

Or you could let go of all of your resistance and get things crossed off your list.  Action is always a wonderful way to calm your mind.   The possibilities are always endless.

I love to hear from you!

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