Trust Yourself

  Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t trust others?  Do you feel that others let you down?

Take a deep breath.  Stop for a moment.  Be with the feelings.  It’s okay.  It won’t overwhelm you.  Just breathe here for a minute.  Accept yourself and your feelings.  It’s okay.  Now change your focus.

Do you trust yourself?  Do you let yourself down?  Do you always follow through on giving yourself what you want?  Can you rely on yourself?  Will you stand up for yourself?

So many times our feelings about others leads us straight into lessons about ourselves.  Often times this is not a comfortable lesson.  If trust is showing up as an issue in your life, look at yourself first.  If you want something, give it to yourself.  Find a way.  You can trust yourself.  You can show up for yourself.

Be willing to trust yourself right now in this moment.  How can you take care of yourself today in a way that supports and encourages you? 

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