Is The Answer A Simple One?

Sometimes we can really overthink things.  Especially things we find challenging.  If it bothers us, we sometimes spend a lot of time thinking about it.  The more time we spend thinking about it, the more it keeps showing up.

Overthinking can take over our lives.  We can easily lose sleep overthinking things.  We often don’t eat right or take really good care of ourselves when we are overthinking a challenge.  Usually we don’t even breathe deeply when we are overthinking.

Usually the best thing to do when we are overthinking is to take a moment and assess.  Take a deep breath and ask:  What could we actually do about it?  Is there anything we haven’t tried yet?  Then we can take some action.

But if we have tried everything we know, usually the answer is very simple.  Walk away from it for awhile.  Stop thinking about it for awhile.  Give it a break.  Do something different.  Go someplace different.  Get your mind off of it.  Not forever, just for awhile.

When we give ourselves a break, the answers often come to us much more easily.

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