You Can Walk It Off

Feeling a little stressed out?  A lot stressed out?  Things just not going the way you would like to see them go?  People just not cooperating the way you would like them to?  Schedule out of control?  The boss giving you too much work?  Finances stretched too tight?  Worried about a loved one?  Concerned about your health?

There is always something that we could worry about, if we choose to.  The problem with worry is that it does not help anything.  Worry does not solve problems.  It is so often when we let it go and take a deep breath that the solutions come to us.  Not always so simple, but always worth it to take some moments in the midst of stress to breathe.

And while you are breathing, take a walk.  Physical movement can help us to release and reduce stress that builds up.  Taking a walk is a great way to clear our mind and reset our energy.  Let your stress go and observe what is around you for awhile.  Make a date with yourself to walk it off.

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