Feed Your Brain Good Stuff

Are you poisoning your own mind?  Are you putting toxins in your body without even knowing you are doing it?  What are you feeding your spirit?

Let’s do a little experiment.  First, think of something you do not enjoy.  Just let the first thing come up – something you are uncomfortable about.  Something you do not like.  Think about it for just a minute.  What does it feel like in your body?

Okay, now clear your thoughts.  Look around the room a little bit and shake off the thoughts and feelings you were just having.

Then think about something or someone you really love.  Think about something you love to do.  Think about a place you love to visit.  Really think about it.  What does that feel like in your body?

When we are thinking about less than loving things, we are adding stress toxins into our systems.  This heavy energy weighs us down.  It acts like poison in our bodies, slowing us down.  And it just does not feel very good.

When we are thinking about loving things, we are adding love and beautiful, light energy into our systems.  We are adding loving energy to our beings.  It feels wonderful.

We have the choice to think whatever thoughts we would like to think.  What will you feed your brain today?

I love to hear from you!

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