Stop Trying To Control

Things have a way of working out when we relax and let go of trying to control the universe.  This can be much harder than what it sounds, but it is true.  When we try to control things, we often end up messing them up.  We often end up trying to manipulate situations and even people to get our desired results.  And even when our intentions are good, trying to control things can blow up in our faces.

There are so many wonderful lessons to learn in this life and the best way to learn is to just let go of any attachments we have to outcomes.  We can still take action on what we want to do and still intend to have the best outcomes, but let go of the idea that we can control the universe and have everything go exactly as planned.

When we let go and just trust that all things happen at the right time, we can find out that is the truth.  We are always where we need to be at that moment, doing what we need to be doing and learning what we need to learn right then.

Take a deep breath and trust that things are working out as they are supposed to now.

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