Are Bad Things Happening?

Even the things we label as “bad” or “negative” serve a purpose in our life and in our growth.  Everything that happens to us is intended to help us.  The only reason these things are problems is because we have judged them so.

When we feel that we are stressed or in crisis, we are uncomfortable because we are opening up.  Our hard shells are being split wide open.  But in reality, we are becoming even more of ourselves.  When our shells break open, we can grow and mature.  If we always stayed in our shells (and we would if some of these “bad” things didn’t happen) we would never recognize our own power of love and light.   We can give up that hard shell and break right through it.

Go with the flow of life.  Be willing to stop judging things that happen as “good” or “bad” and just observe them as they move through your life.  This too will pass.  No matter what it is.

One comment

  1. This is absolutely true! Even the “bad things” in life have a purpose. Years or even just months after something “bad” happens, sometimes you can see that that event shaped who you are today or shaped the path you would take. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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