Is It Worth It To You?

Is it worth it?  Is it important to you?  Why is it important?

Usually when we are asking this question, we have already been through a lot to get something.  Often, important things do not come easily – for a number of reasons.  When something you want does not come easily, you can ask yourself some important questions.

Is what you want truly good for you?  Sometimes we really want things that might feel good in the moment, but are not good for us in the long run.

Do you really believe you can have it?  We can only have what we believe in.  If we don’t think we are worthy of having something, it’s really hard to get it.

Why do you want this?  Our reasons behind what we want can teach us so much about ourselves.

What is the feeling that you want behind the thing?  If you want a new job, how would you feel in that new job?  If you want an experience, like a vacation, how would you feel while on vacation.  Whatever you want – there is a feeling that goes with it and those feelings can help us clarify what we want.

Are you focused on what you want or are you focused on the lack of it in your life?  Whatever we are focused on is what we see more of.  When we focus on the feelings of having what we want, we see it much more quickly.

I love to hear from you!

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