Are You Helping Or Judging?

Is your loved one making you crazy?  Do you hope and pray that he/she will change?  Have you tried to reason with him/her?  Have you tried to show them that your way is better?  Are you exhausted?

The only people we can control is ourselves.  Our loved ones will do things that we do not agree with or appreciate even.  What do we do?

We can express our opinions without being pushy or mean.  We can drop the judgment of them – just like we would like them to do for us.  We can have compassion for them.

We all have to make our own decisions.  Trying to change others, even when we think it is in the spirit of being “helpful,” is just not helpful.  When people feel like they are being controlled, they do not feel loved.  Instead try listening to them again – this time without judgment and without giving criticism.  Try using some kindness and compassion.  People feel loved when they do not feel judged.

I love to hear from you!

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