What Do You Expect?

When we have expectations of how something is going to turn out, we are setting ourselves up.  Sometimes it does go just as we expected – and all is okay.  But when things do not go as expected or planned – things can get pretty dicey.  We can be left feeling very let down.

While it is important to have a positive outlook, having specific demands – or expectations – can be very challenging.

Sometimes our expectations are based on our own behaviors and choices.  Sometimes we expect more from others because we would do that much for them.   But we do not have control of others, just of ourselves, so how they act is totally up to them.  And their perception is often different from ours.

While a day (birthday, anniversary, etc) may be vastly important to us – it may not be important to them.  And not because they do not care about us – but because it is the way they were raised, or maybe they had a less than positive experience in the past with a similar situation.

Expecting others to act and think just like us is not realistic.

The next time we find ourselves expecting something to turn out in any specific way, let’s take a moment and remember that we are not in charge of the universe – and that’s okay.  We can remind ourselves that it is okay to go into any situation with an open mind and an open heart.  We can allow what happens to unfold.

When we go into a situation with no expectations, just a positive outlook, we leave ourselves open to all of the good things that we might miss otherwise.

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