How You Can Help Yourself

What did you do the last time your friend was down?  What have you done to help out a sibling?  Did you take them someplace?  Did you sit with them and listen?  Did you make them some soup?  Did you call them?  Did you bring them flowers?   What do you do to help others when they are not feeling great?

We do things for others that we do not think of doing for ourselves.  Let’s stop that.  If we can do something for someone else – we can also do it for ourselves.  And it can be just as meaningful.  Our roses do not have to come from other people.  We can buy flowers for ourselves.  Just like we can comfort ourselves with some music that we love, or a nice shower, or a long walk.

When you are feeling less than wonderful, do something to support yourself.  Do something nice for you.

I love to hear from you!

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