Personal Growth Is Personal

Our personal growth is very personal.  There is no one way that is right for everyone to grow.  We all do it at our own paces and in our own times.

When we have a major realization about ourselves or life – we start to live in a more loving way and we are very proud of ourselves and things are going great.  Until they aren’t.  Until something happens and we get turned around – or we fall back into old habits and patterns.  It happens when we are growing.  And it’s okay.  We can turn back around.

When we see that we are moving in another direction, we can change direction again.  We can navigate ourselves through the old habits, right back to the healthier habits that we would like to keep in our lives.

Personal growth is usually not a one time, lesson learned activity.  We learn, we practice, we redirect ourselves and eventually we have grown in healthy and loving ways.

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