Lighten Up And Find Some Peace

When something bothers us, annoys us or gets under our skin – we have a challenge.  Sometimes we call them “problems.”  I like to call them, “challenges” instead.  Words have power and just using a lighter word can be very helpful.

Using lighter words can be the first step in helping us find peace.

Let’s say that there’s someone who has a challenge with us.  A boss who doesn’t think we are doing our job well.  A friend who thinks we could be doing more for him/her.  A family member is disappointed in something we did or didn’t do.  Or someone we are disappointed in something they did or didn’t do.

We can ask ourselves some important questions.  Is there anything we can do to be helpful in this situation/challenge?  Have we tried to put our best effort in?

We can get a new viewpoint of the challenge.  Look at it observationally.  Take the emotions out of it.  Just look at the facts.   It’s hard to think straight when we are emotionally upset.  If we look at it as if it is happening to someone else, that can be helpful in seeing any possible solution.

When we take the emotional punch out of the challenge, we can make peace with it.  And that can help us solve it.

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