Magical Mondays

It’s Monday morning and we all know what that means.

Or do we?  Have we all bought into the Monday morning mania?  Have you bought into the old story that Monday morning is supposed to be manic and crazy and exhausting?  Have you created that story in your life?

Monday morning could mean a whole new week with a whole new set of possibilities.  Monday morning could be exciting with opportunities.  It depends on what you believe – and on how you set up the day.

If your Monday morning looks manic, how can you change that?  Maybe be better prepared?  Maybe change what you do the night before?  Sometimes it even takes drastic changes, but it can be done.

I do understand that this can be really challenging when you have children who need to go to school, but think about what they are learning from you when you are in a panic on Monday morning.  They learn that Monday is manic, probably just like you did.  If we consciously teach our children that Monday is magic with possibilities instead, what would the world look like?

I love to hear from you!

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