Organize and Simplify

Getting started can be a little challenging, especially when we feel overwhelmed by all of our stuff.  But, it will stay overwhelming until we do something about it.

The first key of getting organized is to take inventory.  We see what we do have already.  This can be very helpful – many of us hoard, buy too much, cannot find what we need in our piles.  Or we just keep too much.

As we sort through our drawers, our stacks and boxes, we can find all kinds of interesting things we have maybe forgotten we even had.  It can become a treasure hunt.

We can make some decisions as we go through what we have.  If we love it and really want it – and won’t feel overwhelmed by taking care of it – we keep it.  If not, it’s really okay to let it go.  Someone else may appreciate it much more.  It’s okay to give it away.

When we are feeling like we need to go get more stuff, the first thing we can do is to see what we already have.  It is a great way to get started organizing and simplifying.

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