How Loud Is Your Stress?

Often, when we are stressed out, we are telling ourselves scary stories.  We are not being very nice to ourselves.  We are not taking care of ourselves.  We allow the stress to be more important than our peace of mind.  Often we allow stress to be more important than anything else that is going on in our lives. Many times we do this automatically.  We pay lots of attention to the stress and ignore our own well-being.

It can feel like stress is very loud.  It seems to demand our attention.  It can seem like we HAVE to worry about something – or else it might blow up right in our face.  Or so we think.

But it is not until we relax that we can start to hear positive, loving answers.  It is not until we start paying more attention to what we really WANT to experience that we can get it.  When we let go of the stress, we start to solve it.

It may feel very unnatural at first to let go of stress when we are in the midst of it.  Often this is what we have learned all of our lives.  We have watched others struggle against stress.  But we can choose to shift this for ourselves now.

Take some deep breaths.  Walk outside.  Get a new view.  Take a little break.  Do something nice for yourself.  Take the bang out of stress.  Letting go of the stress is the best way to start to solve the issue behind it.

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