Forgiveness Is A Loving Choice

When we believe someone has hurt us, at first it can cause big waves in our lives.  It can feel confusing and disorienting.  Sometimes our whole world feels like everything is upside down.

It may take a minute, but we will get our footing back.  We will get back into the flow of life.  The waves will subside into ripples eventually.

When we get to that point we have a decision to make.  We have two options here.  We can either stay mad or let it go.

If we stay mad, we do not forgive.  We keep the hurt with us.  We relive it every time we think about it or tell the story about it.  Even after it is long over, we keep it alive.

If we let it go, we forgive and we are released from the hurt.

Forgiving does not mean that we let the offender off the hook, it means that we let ourselves off the hook.  We release the hurt.  It means we can move on.  It clears our paths for better things – to think about and to experience.

The truth is, the offender has to deal with what he/she has done.  There is no way around it.  And it will happen with or without our forgiveness.  What we send out comes back to us.  If someone has sent out hurt or pain, it will return.

When we re-live the hurt, we send it out again.  And it returns again.  We can step out of this cycle when we forgive.

Forgiveness is a loving choice you can make for you.

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