Feeling Disappointed?

Feeling disappointed by someone else?

We can only feel disappointment if we have expectations and “rules” about what is supposed to happen.

Usually when someone tells us they are going to do something – we expect them to do it.

But what if we did not have expectations?  What if we did not expect anyone to behave in any kind of way?  Would the world go crazy?  Would everyone just act in any old crazy way they wanted to?

Let’s take this from another angle.  Let’s say you have told a friend that you will help paint their house.  You were honestly wanting to help when you told him or her that.  But later it is not possible for you.  You have another very important commitment at that time. (Or maybe you just made previous plans and want to follow through on them.) You tell your friend that you cannot help with this, but maybe something else later.

How would you like your friend to respond?  With disappointment?  Or understanding?

If your friend really expects people to abide by their word, if that is very important to him or her – if that is a rule they have for their friends and loved ones – then they will respond with disappointment.  It will not feel very good to be on the receiving end of that.  Rules are rigid and do not allow for our humanness.

If your friend is compassionate and understands that you are doing the best you can – and that this is not always the way things will be with you – he or she will respond with understanding.  And while you may not feel great about saying no to something you really wanted to help with – it will feel much better.  And later you will be more inclined to follow through and help with something else.

When your friend tells you that he or she will not be available for something you wanted them to do – respond with understanding.  It helps you feel better about life in general and be more at peace.  It helps you make loving connections with others.  And it encourages others to do the same for you.


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