Things Not Going Your Way?

When we feel like we have been swept downstream by some force of nature – completely sideswiped from where we want to be – it can be easy to feel like we want to fight it.  When what we see around us is not what we expected – it can be disorienting.

If we fight it, we pay more attention to the very things that are happening that we do not enjoy.  And what we pay attention to is what we see more of.  If we stay stuck in the heavy, dense emotions around what we do not want – we just create more of the same.  If we stress out, worry or complain about what we do not enjoy – we get more of it.

When we are ready to change things up there are things we can do to help the process along.

We can make up an empowering mantra.  We can repeat this mantra to ourselves whenever we start to worry or stress out.  We can spend time thinking about what we really would like to see in our lives.  We can put our attention on creating more of what brings us happiness.  We can take steps – no matter how small – toward what we want.

The more we pay attention to what we want – the more we will get it.  If things are not going our way, we can change our way.  We can change our focus.  We see what we dream up.  Let’s dream up some love.

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