Elevate Your Experiences

We can always elevate our experiences in life.  Instead of having lunch at our desk or at the kitchen sink – we can take it out and have a picnic.  Or we can put some flowers on our dining table and use the good china – yes, for lunch.

We can bring a good book with us everywhere – even when we have to wait, we have something uplifting to do for our brain.

When we have a day off, we can visit a museum if it is rainy outside.

We can savor our early morning beverage with some music that we really love to start our day.

We can take a 15 minute meditational break instead of a coffee break.

We can drive home another way – maybe even through a park, even though it is out of the way.

We can put an inspirational quote where we can see it often – on our desk or mirror.

We can even put a mint on our own pillow so that we have a treat before bed.

Elevating our experiences means that we thoughtfully take care of ourselves in loving ways.  It does not take a lot of time – or money – but it can help us fully enjoy our days.

I love to hear from you!

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