Interrupt Yourself

Sometimes it is amazing to give ourselves the gift of an interruption.  Life presents us with interruptions all the time.  Life is always changing, always interrupting what we thought we would be doing.  Let’s explore the idea of giving ourselves interruptions.

We can purposely choose to interrupt our daily schedule.  When we are feeling like we have been on autopilot because we are so busy, we can interrupt ourselves at any time.  We can make a phone call to a friend we have not talked to in awhile, we can turn on some music and dance, we can go for a walk, we can give ourselves 30 minutes to relax and read.  There are so many ways to switch up our routines so they do not become a grind in the first place.

It can be as simple as trying a new food or restaurant.  It can be as complicated as taking a vacation away from home.  We can light some candles for dinner.  We can choose to venture out and take some photographs.  Whatever we choose to do, let’s make the interruptions we gift ourselves with fun.  Just do something different.

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