Activate Joy

How do we activate our joy?  By choosing to feel it.  We can think about something we love.  We can simply smile.  We can do something we enjoy.  We can go somewhere lovely.  We can stop to notice the beautiful colors of the day.  We can savor our food.  Activating our joy means that we slow down a bit.  Activating our joy means we stop to make the choice to enjoy the beauty around us.

Sometimes we get more familiar with our pain than our joy.  We can feel like we know it better.  But we can re-acquaint ourselves with our joy and happiness.  We can get to know what brings us joy again.

Give yourself permission to experience joy.  Activating our joy can be as simple as smiling.  Have a big smile right now.  Now get out there today and share the joy with everyone.  Joy can be contagious.

I love to hear from you!

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