Healthy Rewards

Giving ourselves meaningful rewards is important.  When we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves in meaningful ways.  We do not just give ourselves random things that we do not care about.  We find things that speak to us – speak to our very spirits – and we give them to ourselves.  That is meaningful.

It is not meaningful to give ourselves things that do not nurture our spirits, minds and bodies.  If it is not healthy, it is not a meaningful reward.  We can think about the things we reward ourselves with and switch them up when they are not fully loving.

So if that cappuccino keeps us up at night, even though it tastes so good – we can find a healthy replacement.  It may not feel exactly great in the beginning.  It may even feel like we are depriving ourselves.  But we are only depriving ourselves of things that are not healthy for us.  That do not sustain our happiness.

In the end we can feel great about our choices when they are made with awareness and love.  Meaningful rewards are important.  We can make them healthy, loving choices.

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