DeStress Yourself

Do you have something you like to do to de-stress?  The best antidote for stress is action.  And it is always good to have some back up ideas for when we feel stressed.

Here are some ideas submitted by some of my friends:

Have a spontaneous dance party.  Turn on some music and dance around like a crazy person.  Shake all that stress out.

Or quiet down and turn on some classical music.  Close your eyes and let the music take you away.

Take a walk.  Anywhere.  If it is cold or rainy out, go to a gym, a mall or a store and walk around.  Walking is really good for us and can help us unwind.

Turn out the lights and light a candle.  Get quiet and just be.  Just breathe.  Meditate or pray.

Journal.  Writing about what is happening inside of us can give us insight.

Call a friend.  Talking things out can be very helpful to relieve the stress.  It is when we continue to talk about the same thing over and over that can become a problem.  Be sure to let the stress go.

Watch a good movie or read a novel.  Sometimes it is best to distract ourselves from the stress.  Get lost in a story line.

Visit a flower shop.  Even if you only pick up one flower.  Spend some time looking around, enjoying the sweet smells.

Make yourself a healthy meal.  When we take care of ourselves we are being proactive and that feels good.

What are your best de-stressing activities?

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