Beating Yourself Up?

Sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves.  We often judge ourselves harshly – especially when it comes to things we have done in the past that we feel have been less than loving or less than productive.

We want to be better – we tell ourselves we are going to do better next time, but sometimes we fall back into old patterns.  We feel even worse about ourselves then.

When we are berating ourselves and putting ourselves down for things we have and have not done, we get a snowball effect.  Our uncomfortable feelings grow and grow.  Nothing gets done.  We sit and wallow in it instead.

The next time you find yourself criticizing yourself – pause.  If it is in the past, there is nothing you can do except forgive yourself.  If it is happening right now – you are completely capable of changing it up.

If it is so important to you that you would put yourself down over it – it is important enough to take seriously.  If you really want to do it, or act in a certain way, or not do it – you can find a way.  You are in charge of you.

And it is okay if you do not want it too.  If it is really something that you have been beating yourself up over for awhile, explore your feelings about it – maybe this is something that does not increase your happiness.  Maybe this is something you can let go of.

We can give ourselves love and compassion instead of criticism and judgment – and we will grow in loving, compassionate ways.

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