Take A Walk With A Mantra

Mantras are short, positive statements that we can say over and over. They are especially helpful when our brains have been programmed to think in negative terms. Mantras can help us transform our thoughts.

We can use mantras when we walk.  Mantras are also used to enhance meditation.  Since a walk is a meditation of sorts, walking and mantras can be a perfect combination.

Find a positive mantra and say it to yourself over and over as you walk. Repeating something over and over helps us to believe it.  If we believe it, we can live it.  We cannot live what we do not believe in.

Some great mantras you can use are:

I am being the change I want to see in the world.

I choose to find love in all situations.

I am love.  I am loved.

I am healthy.  I am wealthy.  I am wise.

You can create a mantra specific to whatever you are finding challenging in the moment also.  If you have challenges with a loved one your mantra could be:  “We are both doing the best we can right now.  I forgive both of us.”

Motivational mantras are great too:  “I can do this.  I am capable.”

Mantras can be very individual.  Make one up and take a nice walk today.

I love to hear from you!

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