Redirect Yourself When You Feel Stress

When something happens that you feel is stressful – like a traffic jam, a work deal gone wrong or a burnt dinner – instead of shouting and banging around, redirect yourself.

We can redirect ourselves by putting on some music that we like, taking a walk or meditating – or doing something that we love to do.  In this way we take our focus off of the stress and onto more loving things.  We get more of whatever we are focused on.

We can come to understand that traffic jams and burnt dinners are opportunities for us to get practice in letting our stress go.  When there is nothing we can do about a situation – if the deal has already gone wrong – we can choose to let it go.

The more we practice redirecting ourselves, the more peace we can feel in our lives.  If we choose to redirect ourselves away from unnecessary stress over and over, we can actually change the way our brain works.  We can let our stress go if it does not help us.

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