Self-love Is Not Selfish

Who is afraid of a little self-love?  Well, actually a lot of people are.  We are often taught that loving ourselves is wrong or selfish.  We are taught to care for others, but not really for ourselves.  We are taught that being selfish is a “bad” thing.  But loving ourselves is not selfish at all.  In fact it is the opposite of selfish.

When we care for ourselves we have more energy and love to care for others.  So caring for ourselves helps us care even more for others.  We learn how to care for others when we take care of ourselves.  Self-love rejuvenates us, restores us and keeps us moving toward the things we want in life.

 I explore self-love in my new book:  Love You!  How To Live In Love.  You can get your copy here and read all about how self-love is a productive habit to get into:

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