What Do You Say About Yourself?

We hear a lot of things about ourselves from others – and from ourselves.  We stub a toe and call ourselves names.  We miss a payment and berate ourselves.  We lose our keys and become frustrated with ourselves.

And all of that is not very nice.  If someone else said those things to us – what would we do?  How would we handle it?  Would we think they were a nice person?

We sometimes say things to ourselves that we would never dream of saying to our friends and loved ones.  It does not help us in any way.  Less than loving motivation may get us started, but it has no staying power.

When we stub our toe and tend to ourselves lovingly and with kindness – it is a whole new world.  When we miss an appointment and we fully understand that it was not intentional – we are in a new mindset.  When we lose our keys, then patiently just try to find them because it happens sometimes – we have started to set ourselves up for success.

When we treat ourselves like we would treat the person we love the most in the world – we change up our lives.  We learn how to lovingly treat others too.  And that is very nice.

I love to hear from you!

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