Criticism Is Not Helpful

Criticism is just not helpful.  When we listen to others criticize us – it drags our energy down.  When we criticize others – it muddles our own energy.  When we criticize ourselves – our energy can get confused and even depressed.

I have always enjoyed constructive criticism.  I appreciate it when someone steps up and tells me that something is bothering them in a loving way.  But usually when we criticize, we are harsh or angry.  We want the other person (or ourselves) to change immediately to suit our liking.

When we criticize someone we have made a judgment – that they are “wrong.”  We criticize in order to change the other person.  We cannot control anyone except ourselves.  The sooner we learn that lesson, the better off we all are.

When we can be loving – towards ourselves and others – changes can be made much easier.  When we relax our judgment, life relaxes too.  Let’s lighten up our energy today and stop any criticism – of ourselves or others.  Love is much more helpful.

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