Clouds Overhead?

When there is something that we do not enjoy that is happening around us – and we feel that we have no control over it – it can feel like a storm cloud hanging over our head all the time.  We feel like we just cannot shake it.  The very air is thick with the issue and drama that goes along with it.  We move through the world looking at things with this issue in the back of our mind.  It colors everything.

Sometimes it feels like if we do not worry about it, something bad may happen.  We think we can control things through our worry when we think like that.  So we focus in on the issue – give it lots of attention through our worry and concern.  And that is what we just keep seeing.  The more we think about it, the more we see it.  The more we feel it.

It is okay to let it go.  Even if for just a little while.  Take a deep breath and give it a try.  Give it a rest.  When thoughts of it come up – have a mantra ready and repeat it over and over.  We can redirect our thoughts.  We can find something to busy our mind with.  It is okay to take our mind off of it.  Sometimes that is exactly when the solution comes up.

Worry just gets us more of the same.  Let’s try letting it go.  Let’s try focusing in on what we want to see in our lives instead.

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