Get Off The Crazy Train

Not many of us can live without having to deal with other human beings. It’s a part of life. We are confronted daily with the behavior of others.  And because we are all human, sometimes it can be very challenging.

What can we do when we get caught up in someone else’s drama? How can we get off their crazy train?

It can be as simple as the person behind you in line at the grocery being crabby about the wait. Bad energy seems to spread like a virus. Or being blamed by a loved one for something that has nothing to do with you. Or having someone at work report you for something you did not do. There’s tons of examples of being on other people’s crazy trains and I know we can all think of several off the tops of our heads.

Sometimes we put ourselves on their crazy trains, we support people who live on drama – we think we are trying to be helpful – we don’t listen to our intuition and step in the crazy train against our own better judgement. However we get on the crazy train, the important thing, as soon as we realize we are on the crazy train, is to get off the crazy train.

Deep breaths first. Get back into yourself. Nurture yourself however you need to. More deep breaths.

Disconnect. Step away physically. Stop communicating until you can clear your head.

Give yourself kindness and compassion and patience. Be nice to yourself. Don’t berate yourself for being on a crazy train – just get off of it and be kind to yourself.

Apologize if you did anything less than loving while you were on the crazy train. Take responsibility for your actions. Be sure to forgive yourself. Forgive the others too – not for them, but for you. It’s really difficult to have peace until you do.

Don’t get back on the crazy train. Stay out of it. It’s not your train. Get grounded – meditation is amazing. You can create a place of peace that you can easily fall back on during crazy train times.

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