Stop Rushing Through Your Emotions

Don’t rush through any emotion – even if it is not comfortable.  It will not eat you alive and it will pass.  Sit with your emotions and listen – what are they telling you?  Does something need to change?  Can you change the way you think about something if you cannot change it?  Shine light on your heavy emotions.  See what they are and where they came from.  Be curious about them.  Have compassion for yourself as you process through your emotions.  Do not be hard on yourself.

We often forget that we are fully capable of comforting ourselves.  We look to others for comfort.  We look to others to find happiness.  Comfort and happiness are right there inside of you.  You can be a comfort to yourself.  You count.  And you know best what you need.  You can give it to yourself.

If your very best friend in the entire world was experiencing what you are experiencing – what would you say to him/her?  What would you do for him/her?  Now say that to yourself.  Do that for yourself.  You are precious.  Remember that always.

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