How To Be Truly Helpful

The story goes – someone asks us for help.  They ask for our advice in something they feel confused about.  We really want to be helpful.  We really want to make a difference for them.  So we give them our best understanding about the issue.

But many times we see it in black and white.  It HAS to be this way or that way.  Maybe because that is the way we experienced it – or wanted to experience it, when we were making that same decision.

We can share our experiences, and the insight we gained from living them, without being pushy, demanding or insistent that they do things the way we want them to do them.  We can share what we know and still leave room for them to do things their own way.

We all have different ways of handling things.  That is okay.  Let others have the freedom to have their own experiences in the way that they choose to.  It is the most loving way to help.

I love to hear from you!

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