Be A Fountain, Not A Drain

I love this quote by Iyanla Vanzant:  “Be a fountain, not a drain.”

 How do we treat those who are closest to us – our family and friends?  Many times we can find ourselves taking these people for granted.  They are always there, no matter what is going on.  Often we can go for long periods of time without telling these people, our loved ones, that we are grateful for them.  That we love them.

Sometimes we can even be careless about how we treat them.  We just expect them to be there – no matter how we treat them.  We may even take our stress and frustration out on our loved ones when we take them for granted.  It really does not make much sense – these are the people who are there for us day in and day out.  But when we are not consciously thankful for them, we can fall into unkind habits with them.

And when we are the ones being taken for granted by a loved one – we know it feels really awful.  When a loved one is using us as a punching bag – we know it hurts us horribly.  When loved ones do not tell us how grateful they are for us, it can feel very sad and lonely.

Please be aware of how you treat others.  Be sure to tell the people that you love that you are grateful for them.  Be sure to show your gratitude and love whenever you can.  These are the people you live with and love.  Be a fountain of loving energy to them, not a drain.


  1. I am someone who is always aware, as people who really care does not come that easily. I give thanks and gratitude daily in fact morning and night before I go to bed for all things I have, and even those to come in advance. That is the most powerful of the gratitudes. In fact I have written 4 articles lately on gratitudes itself as being grateful is what turns our life from negative to positive. Thank you for the post. Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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