Do They Have It Better Than You Do?

When we compare, we lose the beauty of the moment.  If we are thinking about how the trees are probably green farther south – and how much “better” that might be – we miss the green grass and blue skies that we have right now.

If we think that someone else has it “better” than us – or someone is “better” than us – we take away from all we have to offer.  Whenever we compare ourselves or our experiences to others, we miss the point – we are all meant to be unique individuals with unique experiences.  We are not comparable.

The next time you see someone who has something you would like to have, do not compare your life to theirs.  Instead you can know that if they have it, you can have it.  It might take some work, but if you really want it – it is possible.  Instead you can be grateful that they helped you figure out what you really want.

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