Are You Still Waiting For An Apology?

When we feel that someone has done something that has caused us discomfort or pain, we often feel that we cannot get over it – until we have an apology.  We wait – and often stew in the very thing that we found painful.  It feels fresh with every time we re-tell the story, re-think the story.  The pain goes on.

Sometimes we do not get an apology.  For many reasons, but the truth is – sometimes we just do not ever get an apology.

It is okay to move on anyway.  Without an apology.  We do not have to wait any longer.  Our forgiveness does not require anything from the person we felt offended or hurt by.  It only requires our willingness to move beyond the pain.  Our willingness to accept that everyone is human and doing their best – regardless of what it looks like.

Forgiveness is not so much about the other person as it is about us.  We forgive to let go of the pain.  We forgive to move beyond the painful stories.  We forgive because we love ourselves and want the best for ourselves.

Do not wait any longer.  Forgive for you.

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