How To Climb A Mountain This Week

Do you have a mountain to climb this week?  Is your schedule full to the brim – or do you feel that it should be?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and you just woke up on Monday morning?

Okay, if we have a mountain to climb this week, let’s do it.  Let’s pack a lunch and get to it.  We do not climb the entire mountain at once.  We stop, we take breaks – we have lunch.

If we choose to climb the mountain this week and tackle all the things we believe are important – let’s take moments to enjoy the view.  Let’s not push ourselves up the trail.  Let’s remember that we are all doing our best.  Let’s remember to breathe in moments we feel are challenging.  Let’s remember to leave lots of love along our paths.

We climb the mountain step by step.  Let’s stay in our moments, stay in our steps.  The mountain does not have to be overwhelming.  We can choose to see it as a new and exciting adventure.

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