Dance With Your Skeletons

“You will move forward when you make peace with your shadow.”  ~ Marianne Williamson

I saw this great graphic on Facebook – I don’t know who wrote it – but it said, “If you have skeletons in your closet, you might as well take them out and teach them how to dance.” 

Most of us have something in our past that we are not so happy with ourselves over.  Those things we really wish we could have a do-over with.  Times when we were not so proud of ourselves.

The tough part is that we really cannot change them.  They are what they are.  We did what we did.  It’s in the past and we just do not have control over that.  If we choose to dwell on the things we feel that we did “wrong,” we can be weighed down in our present moment by things that happened in the past.  Things we cannot do anything about now can affect our present moments when we hold onto them.

Although we cannot do anything about the past, we can choose to think about it differently.  We can choose to forgive ourselves.  We can choose to stop punishing ourselves and let it go.  We can ask for forgiveness from others we affected.  And we can do better next time.

It is okay to take our skeletons out and embrace them.  We all have them.  It is okay to dance with them.  Then it is really okay to let them go and live in our present moments – knowing better for next time.

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