Describe Yourself

Think of the first three words you would use to describe yourself.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Do you have the first three words that popped into your head?  Okay.

Are those words kind, loving and supportive?  When we describe ourselves in loving ways, we feel good.  When we use less than loving words to describe ourselves, we do not feel so good.  This is the way we talk to ourselves.  It is very important to talk to ourselves in kind and loving ways.

Most of us have at least one friend who does not do things in the way we would do them – and somehow we still love them.  We are kind to them.  We treat them with respect even when we do not completely agree with them.  Because we love them.

We can love ourselves like that too.  Like we love our friends and family.  We may make – what we think are, mistakes – but we can still love ourselves.  We can still be kind to ourselves.  And when we are loving and supportive to ourselves, we can transform anything.  We strengthen ourselves by being kind to ourselves.

Show yourself some love now.  If your words were not loving before, now think of three kind words that you can use to describe yourself.  It is very good for us to be our own best friend.

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