Loosen Up Your Grip

When we have a rigid point of view – when we think things HAVE to be a certain way, people HAVE to act in a certain way – we can miss out on all of the wondrous things that happen right in front of us.

We do not control the universe – or other people.  Things happen that we did not expect.  Things happen that we do not enjoy.  Things happen that we cannot control.  People act in ways we would rather they did not.

When our view is rigid, when we do not bend, we can often be very disappointed.  Things do not always go our way.  If we are stuck in our expectations, we cannot see the beauty of the experience.

When we leave our mind open, it is amazing what we can see.  When we choose to have a loving attitude, it helps us accept what happens around us.  Let things unfold.  There is beauty everywhere when we let go of our expectations and rules and just let life happen.

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